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Bluetooth attacks: BlueJacking, BlueSnarfing & BlueBugging

Bluetooth attacks Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking, Bluebugging & Bluesmacking

With the rapidly growing adoption of Bluetooth by portable devices and IoT devices primarily because of the ease of use, the threats related to Bluetooths are growing manifold. Like any other technology, Bluetooth is vulnerable to several attacks, including BlueSmacking, BlueJacking, BlueSnarfing, and BlueBugging. In this post, we will be …

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Cyberattacks & Malware Trends for 2021

partially loaded bar for year 2021 on blue digital screen for malware trends

As we’re now in the 2nd quarter of 2021 and the data from Q1 of 2020 vs 2021 can be used to have a calculated prediction about what’s going to happen to Cyber realm for the rest of the year. COVID-19 hasn’t just brought along havocs the world has never seen before, not just for the physical realm that have killed more than 2.96 million lives (at the time of this blog) and incalculable socioeconomic collateral damages to the human race. But COVID-19 has much further negative impacts in the Cyber realm, some of which have not completely revealed.

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