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What is IP Spoofing: Defined, Explained & Explored

IP Spoofing

Attackers and Cybercriminals widely abuse some inherent weaknesses in the communication protocols by using Spoofing. Spoofing is a type of cyber attack in which someone masquerades as a legitimate entity in the attempt to use a computer, device, or network to trick other computer networks. We will understand what is …

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Data Loss Prevention: DLP limitations and how to bypass?

how to bypass DLP solution

DLP, as you might be aware, stands for Data Loss Prevention or Data Leaks prevention. It’s a purpose-built solution to protect sensitive information from moving out. DLP solutions have been around for over a decade and a half and have come a long way, yet it’s surprisingly easy to bypass …

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What is a Smurf Attack: Defined, Explained & Explored

what is a smurf attacker

A smurf attack was initially a C-based code written by renowned hacker Dan Moschuk, aka TFreak, in 1997. The attack got its name from the 1980s cartoon “The Smurfs” since Dan Moschuk saw the flood of packets, like the tiny Smurfs, overwhelming a mammoth opponent through sheer numbers. He named …

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What is a Black Hat Hacker: Types of Hackers

Black Hat Hacker Types

With the rapid growth in the adoption of technology, the threats of Cyberattacks have also significantly increased. The world hacked or hacker sends chills down the spine of security professionals. In this post, we will cover what a Black Hat Hacker is and what other types of hackers are out …

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How to secure IoT devices: Challenges & Best Practices

How to secure IoT Devices

With the growing population of IoT devices, knowing the key challenges and how to secure IoT devices is really important. IoT (Internet of Things) is the technology of the 21st Century that has revolutionized the entire world. From smart cars to smart TVs and healthcare, it has acquired it all.  …

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