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Types of Email Attacks: Defined, Explained, and Explored

types of email attacks screen

Emails are a critical part of everyday life and play a significant role in our professional and personal life. However, since its inception, Emails have been a primary attack vector, and attackers have utilized them for ages to exploit organizations and individuals alike. In this post, we will be covering …

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What is Spear Phishing: Defined, Explained, and Explored

Spear phishing attack related to covid19 pandemic

When Linkedin and Facebook downplayed any threats from data scraping on these sites, they were right. There was no threat in it for them, but the danger was for you and me. An attacker can effortlessly weaponize this data to create a sophisticated spear-phishing attack. Read on to know what …

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What is Cryptojacking: Working, detection, & prevention

hacker cryptojacking cryptocurrency

The future of money is digital currency Bill Gates Here is a comprehensive article about everything you need to know about cryptojacking, how it affects your security, and ways to detect and prevent your computers from being (ab)used for cryptojacking. 21st Century is the digital age. From shopping online to …

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How to secure Docker Containers: Tips and cheats

how to protect docker containers

While Docker containers are assumed to be secure, not following the best practice can put you in the way of harm. To keep you protected, we have prepared a cheat sheet on how to secure Docker containers in your organization. Following are the best practices that you should be following …

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How to secure REST API: Best practices and tips

secure rest api

APIs are the backbone of today’s web and mobile development, and REST API accounts for around 80 percent. However, a recent analysis from Salt security shows that more than 90 percent of the organizations had an API security incident in the year 2020. Read on to learn how to secure …

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