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Homomorphic Encryption: Overview, applications, & uses

homomorphic encryption internet security

What if I tell you that there is a technology that can end all your worries related to data security and privacy. Even if your data is stored in the cloud, on-premise, or with a third party, it will be safe. No privileged user or threat actors will ever be …

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Complete guide to Botnets, and how to stay protected

botnet image

It’s been close to two decades since the Internet first noticed the existence of Botnets. They not only stand the test of time but still act as one of the most powerful tools for threat actors. In this article, we bring you all the information you need to know about …

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All about Stalkerware: Protection, detection, and removal

women found stalkerware inn mobile

Use of softwares to spy is not uncommon, but, in the last few years some of these solutions have marketed themselves as legit use softwares aka Stalkerware. These softwares are available in the form of Kids monitoring applications, spouse monitoring applications, and so on. We have conducted detailed research to …

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How to secure legacy systems: An expert opinion

secure legacy systems

Legacy systems have long been a major concern for organizations across the globe. We have conducted thorough research and collected opinions from experts to bring you the most effective ways to secure your legacy applications and systems. As a general rule, the six-step process to Identify, Isolate, Assess, Secure, Monitor, …

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Top 10 hacking tools for 2021

top 10 hacking tools from securityfocal

Welcome to our list of top 10 hacking tools. As a security researcher, Pen Tester, or a Red Teamer, many times you find roadblocks and need some handy, ready-to-use tools to move to the next step. In this section, we have compiled the key tools which we found most valuable. …

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