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How to secure Android device in 10 easy steps

protect and secure android phone from attackers

Securing your Android (or Apple) device from attackers is extremely critical especially in today's time when everything from booking an Uber to Managing your Bank and Trading accounts or CryptoWallet. However unfortunately it always takes a back seat as you are busy with other high priority tasks.

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The World This Week (May 17th to May 23, 2021)

23rd may weekly news and updates

According to a Bloomberg Report on Friday, CNA Financials has paid a Ransom of 40 Million USD. They paid it in March after two weeks of loosing their data and getting locked out. CNA Financials is a Chicago based US Insurance Giant. CNA has refused to comment on the Ransom …

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Is Passwordless Authentication the Future?

passwordless authentication biometric

“True Cybersecurity is preparing for what’s next, not what was last” – Neil Rerup, Cybersecurity Expert Passwordless authentication is widely regarded as the future of authentication. Passwords actually do more harm than good. Yes, you heard it right. Research says that an average internet user has more than 90 online accounts. …

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Darkside is gone, but Who did it?


On may 14th, 2021, a message from a cybercrime forum believed to be from Darkside Admin read. A few hours ago, we lost access to the public part infrastructure namely the: Blog. Payment Server. DOS Servers. Now these servers are unavailable by SSH, the hosting panels are blocked. Hosting support, …

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