The World this week (19th to 25th April, 2021)

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The Internet was meant to make the world a smaller place. But it actually feels smaller without it — Transcendence – 2014

Above quote from character Max Waters feels more relevant today than ever. While the world is fighting Covid-19, the hackers and Cybercriminals are at work round the clock exploiting whatever they can.

Apple Data Stolen from Manufacturer Quanta

The biggest news last week was around the stolen information from Quanta, a Taiwanese company which makes a number of Apple products including Macbook Pro. The hackers, REvil Cybercrime gang is known for the Ransomware attacks on some of the largest organisations worldwide encrypting Victim’s file or threatening to publish them and demand ransom usually in bitcoins.

The most interesting fact about this hack was it’s perfect timing which was before Apple’s Spring Loaded Event where Apple unveiled a number of new products and updates. The gang started leaking information just before the event which gained it maximum visibility. REvil said it wants $50 million by May 1 from Apple to give the files back.  

We will bring the updates to you as the story unfolds further. 

Gyrodata Attacked by Ransomware

US Based mining technology company Gyrodata was hit by Ransomware attack and employee data is suspected to have been leaked. The data potentially obtained includes names, addresses, dates of birth, drivers’ license numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers, W-2 tax forms, and information related to health plan enrolment. The number of potential victims yet to be confirmed.

Gyrodata offers services such as directional drilling and surveying for energy companies.

Pizza Chain Domino’s Databreach

Jubilant FoodWorks, the parent firm of Domino’s India suffered a major data breach. The data is supposed to include as many as 180 million order details, including phone numbers, emails, addresses, payment details, and may be including one million credit card details which was Denied by Dominos India. 

Key Takeaways

Unfortunately the threats and Ransomware attacks are expected to continue as Cybercriminals are only getting increasingly nasty. You may like to check our threat predictions for 2021 to know what to expect and keep your guards up.

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