The World This Week ( 26th April to 2nd May 2021)

Cyber criminals stealing money from victim

Microsoft Sharepoint Targeted with Phishing Attacks

Researchers at Cofense, discovered a phishing campaign which seems to be successfully passing the email defence and Secure Email Gateways including Microsoft. This phish attack is targeting Office 365 users with a SharePoint document that claims to be urgently in need of an email signature. 

Flubot is in the Air

Malware Flubot (or Cabassous) is making the headlines again, and this time in UK. The Android malware first made the news in December for attacks in Spain and few other European countries. Attack typically starts with a text message asking users to install an application to track their DHL or Fedex packages. It not only steals the user information, but also uses the contact list of the person as it’s next target to spread the attack. Reportedly prior to march, more than 97% of it’s victims were in Spain. We saw a significant reduction in attacks after the members of the Flubot Gang were arrested in Barcelona. But it seems to be back with a bang. 

We Steal without Shame

A recent advert from Crypto-stealer Malware Westeal is doing rounds. WeSteal has been in the market since last year. It is widely believed that WeSteal is a succession of WeSupply Crypto Stealer project. The malware also claims to have RAT (Remote Access Trojan). It claims to steal all Bitcoin and Ethereum coming in or out from the victim’s valet through the clipboard.

Malware PortDoor (APT) targeting Russian Defence

A Backdoor malware, dubbed PortDoor, is being used to target the Russian defence sector. It’s suspected to be used by Chinese APTs. This may further heat up the information warfare among countries.


The further we delved into the mountain of malware, the more truly frightening it became. What is the best approach to protecting yourself against these relentless attacks? Well there is no silver bullet but using a quality anti-malware across all devices and keeping yourself updated will most certainly help. Stay vigilant and protected.

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