The World This Week (May 17th to May 23, 2021)

23rd may weekly news and updates

According to a Bloomberg Report on Friday, CNA Financials has paid a Ransom of 40 Million USD. They paid it in March after two weeks of loosing their data and getting locked out. CNA Financials is a Chicago based US Insurance Giant. CNA has refused to comment on the Ransom and said that their actions were in accordance with the law. If true, this is by far the largest Ransom demand in public domain.

Qlocker Ransomware targeting Qlocker exploits (CVE-2021-28799) to attack and encrypt QNAP NAS drives, is rolling down it’s shutter. Qlocker has attacked thousands of organizations. The Ransomware as per a report by Bleeping Computers, have collected a total of 8.93258497 bitcoins. This was in ransom from 893 victims which will be around $ 353700 as per the current conversion rates.

Personal data of more than 100 Million of people may be at a risk as per an alarming discovery by Check Point Research. Real-time database allows application developers to store data on the cloud, making sure it is synched in real-time to every connected client. But if the developers missed to configure basic authentication then this data can be accessed by anyone. This is what Check Point Research did to uncover this issue. This once again highlights why SecDevOps tops the list of most wanted security professionals.

Kaspersky researchers said the Trojan Bizarro, is now striking users in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy. The Trojan is luring customers of banks in these areas into handing over their account credentials. Which are then used for the purposes of financial theft. Bizarro originated from Brazil, and is distributed via MSI packages downloaded by victims from links in spam emails. Once launched, Bizarro downloads a ZIP archive from a compromised website. Kaspersky researchers saw hacked WordPress, Amazon and Azure servers used for storing archives. 

Also Earlier this week Brian Krebs has suggested a weird trick that might help you keep secure your network against Russian Hackers. All you need to do is, to install a Russian or Ukrainian Keyboard and that may be it. Since it’s one of the check many Ransomware seems to be following to detect if the system is in an undesired territory.

There goes another challenging and worrisome week for security professionals while we get ready for the next one.

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